June 23, 2024 1:46 am
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The Centennial State First in the Country, According to Democratic Report Card


Mohamed Bughrara

Colorado is the top state in the country for democracy rules and practices, with flawless ratings on voting and election subversion issues and some of the country’s strongest regulations to restrict the role of money in politics. According to the 2022 State Democracy Report Card, Colorado received an “A,” putting the Centennial State first in the country.

Voting Rights Legislation

Grade: A (Tied for 1st in the nation)

Colorado is a holy grail for ensuring that everyone is secure and has easy access to the ballot box.

After the state introduced a universal vote by mail legislation almost a decade ago, voters overwhelmingly voted by mail.The state has since become a model for others looking to implement the same. 

Democracy Subversion Protections

Grade: A (Tied for 1st in the nation)

Colorado has enacted major regulations to protect election workers, secure ballot machinery and election systems from insider threats, and prevent voter intimidation.

The state reacted immediately to a situation in which electoral officials attempted to disclose election information.

Colorado voters rejected candidates standing on extremist anti-democracy views in this year’s primary.

Campaign Finance and Anti-Corruption Laws

Grade: A (3rd in the nation)

Denver voters adopted a public funding mechanism for small donors, which will be used for the very first time in the 2023 election.

Colorado has modest contribution limitations, but it may enhance its ranking by requiring greater reporting requirements for independent spenders and exposing political advertisements on internet-based media.

State lawmakers sponsored and debated legislation in 2021 to prohibit foreign-influenced corporate money from being used in Colorado elections, but the bill did not pass.

Colorado scored 283 out of 300.