June 23, 2024 2:24 am
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Colorado is One of the Friendliest EV States


Staff Writer

In terms of the use of electric vehicles, Colorado has one of the highest numbers and rates compared to states across the country. According to a recent analysis released by insurance company QuoteWizard, Colorado is the second friendliest state in the nation to electric vehicles.

The study reveals that Colorado has the nation’s fourth-highest rate of electric vehicle adoption. 

The percentage of drivers who own electric vehicles is 2.21%, a significant number that is only surpassed by Washington, Hawaii, and California. The state infrastructure has indeed provided much support for Colorado to become a most EV-friendly state. In Colorado, the number of ​​alternative fueling stations has reached 10 per 10,000 drivers. At the same time, for every 10,000 drivers, the number of electric charging stations has reached 24. Moreover, the state government of Colorado has made the selling and buying of electric vehicles more convenient and attractive.